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Services offered are those of a Title IX Professional. These services are not for legal advice nor legal representation. Title IX services are advisory and educational in nature only. Any service agreement will require a signature by both the client and Title IX Advising. Without that signed agreement, neither party is bound to any action. 

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Professional Title IX Services 

Greater Philadelphia Region

and New Jersey

Daniel T. Lefebvre, Esq.

*Licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey

Title IX Services available anywhere in the U.S.

Affordable Rates for Students


Reporting  Party


Title IX Advisor

  • Support and Guidance for Victims


Responding Party


Title IX Advisor

  • Defense for those accused of harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct

For Universities and Colleges

Title IX Policy


  • Expand or Update Institutional Policy and Response

For Universities and Colleges

Contract Services

  • Title IX Investigator

  • Title IX Hearing Officer

For Universities and Colleges

Title IX Training

  • In-person training for Title IX team roles

  • Community Training