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Notice of Service

Services offered are those of a Title IX Professional and are advisory in nature. Any service agreement will require a signature by both the client and Title IX Advising. Without that signed agreement, neither party is bound to any action. 

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Title IX Contract Services

*Includes one-term, contracted service for a

Title IX Investigator or a Title IX Hearing Officer 

Free consultations available to determine the best services for your Institution.


Title IX Investigation services include the following:

  • Reviewing Institutional Policy to promote compliance

  • Diligently working for a timely response and resolution

  • Interviewing the primary parties to the complaint

  • Collecting witness statements and other evidence

  • Archiving correspondence and case file materials

  • Providing analysis and findings consistent with policy and individual rights

  • Drafting a report suitable for hearings and potential litigation

  • Relieve concerns pertaining to conflicts of interest

Title IX Hearing Officer services include the following:

  • Compliance with Hearing Officer training requirements

  • Assistance in providing a gender-diverse hearing panel to avoid perceived bias

  • Relieve concerns pertaining to conflicts of interest

  • Ensuring a detailed and defensible statement of finding

Trust in a Title IX Professional.