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Notice of Service

Services offered are those of a Title IX Professional and are advisory in nature. Any service agreement will require a signature by both the client and Title IX Advising. Without that signed agreement, neither party is bound to any action. 

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Responding Party (Defense)

*Also referred to as Respondent or Accused. Can include Students, Faculty, Athletic and Support Staff.

Why choose me? I understand the challenges of facing a Title IX process. It can be an intimidating situation, being accused of something and having your future on the line. You do not have to face things alone.


You have the right to an Advisor.


Many students accused of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct elect to have a family member, friend, or mentor act as their advisor. While this person cares about you, they are not familiar with the process and may not be able to provide appropriate guidance and support for your due process rights.

Neither should you choose just any attorney. There are three main concerns you may have to face and each require a different specialty:

  • Title IX Defense: This is your best chance to resolve the issue before it becomes drawn out and complicated even further. This is where I can help you the most, with affordability in mind to increase the number of students that can access my services.

  • Criminal Defense: Criminal defense attorneys are good at what they do. They can help you with state or federal charges. I recommend them for that arena, but have often seen that criminal attorneys lack the knowledge to adequately defend in the university/college process. The Title IX process simply uses different rules than the courtroom.

  • Civil Rights Litigation: If your school violates your legal rights, you need an attorney that can successfully navigate litigation and settlement options. After helping you with your Title IX process, I can assist in any case you have against your school by connecting you with a certified civil trial attorney and providing that attorney with a detailed record of your school's violations.


I work in Title IX everyday. I have conducted numerous Title IX investigations while working in higher education and know the ins and outs of what makes a good case. I know what to look for and how to respond best to an allegation of misconduct. My experience in civil rights investigation and adjudication could be invaluable to your defense. I have an insider’s perspective, and that can make all the difference.


This is your future. A student can lose years of hard work. A faculty member or coach can lose their jobs and professional reputation. Do not wait until after the hearing goes badly to seek expert assistance, because by then you may have missed your best chance to resolve things.  

Trust in a Title IX Professional.