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Notice of Service

Services offered are those of a Title IX Professional and are advisory in nature. Any service agreement will require a signature by both the client and Title IX Advising. Without that signed agreement, neither party is bound to any action. 

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Title IX Training

Institutional services include:

  • Work directly with your current Title IX team members in order to provide the guidance necessary to increase their level of understanding and professionalism.

  • Training available in a classroom setting or as a hands-on mentorship providing real-time feedback.

  • Assisting Title IX Investigators and Title IX Hearing Officers understand their role and responsibilities. 

  • Assess current procedures and provide expert insight into best practices.

Training Areas can include:

  • Responsible Employees

  • New Hire or Continuing Title IX Education for Faculty/Staff

  • Preliminary Inquiries

  • Investigative Plans

  • Case Management

  • Record Keeping

  • Report Writing Workshops

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Due Process

  • Fundamental Fairness

  • Student Rights

  • Bias/Perceived Bias Awareness

  • Advocacy/Role of Advisors

  • Hearing Procedure

  • Questioning Techniques

  • Credibility Assessments

  • Applying Preponderance Standard

  • Policy Analysis

  • Statements of Finding

  • Proportionality of Sanctions


Contact Title IX Advising to discuss what areas of training, including areas not listed, might benefit your institutional team. Training is customizable.

Title IX Advising can also deliver training for your university or college community. That can include students, faculty, coaches, or other Responsible Employees.


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